Special offer ONLY to current sworn Law Enforcement officers.  Valid on purchases from January 1st, 2022 through December 31st, 2020. Copy of dated purchase receipt and Law Enforcement credentials required. ALL supporting documents MUST accompany submission. Must have email access to receive promo code. Promo code is for one-time use at www.hkwebshop.com. Limit one serial number per submission. Excludes HK416 .22LR rimfire rifles or pistols. Not valid on agency or group purchases. Not valid with any other offer. Valid in the USA only.  Allow 3-5 weeks for processing. To register: http://hk-usa.com/individual-officer-program/

Ordering Process

In order to provide the best possible competitive prices and volume with State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies and Departments HK-USA uses a Dealer/Distributor network. The HK LE Direct Dealers/Distributors can work in any of the 50 states.  The HK LE Direct Dealers/Distributors will provide state & Local Law Enforcement quotes and take orders. Full LE Product List 

Please note that not all HK items are imported into the USA or there may be a specific model name difference for the USA market that is imported.

We have a limited amount of T/E and demo items and recommend to use our dealer/distributors for this effort in order to reduce wait times and provide a quicker response.


LE Agency Order Process – Direct from Heckler & Koch

Any LE Agency orders would require: 

1. An official “Law Letter” / Letter of Intent, 

2. The original signed End User Certificate (EUC) all pages on agency letterhead,

a. An EUC in not an obligation to purchase. 

b. Barrel length must be noted on item description when options are available. 

c. Example: HK416, 5.56mm machine gun, with 14.5inch barrel. 

3. FET Exemption Letter/Certificate 

4. Official LE Agency Purchase Order 

Before a production order can be placed for any “NFA / Weapon of War” related products. 

All pages of the EUC and Law Letter must be printed on Agency Letterhead. HK will require the original document that is ink-signed by the highest ranking official (usually the Chief or Sheriff unless otherwise appointed) and on agency letterhead. Please include the department stamp or seal when available. 

These documents ultimately need to be mailed to HK-USA Law Enforcement Sales in Columbus, GA. Advance electronic scanned copies are welcomed for validation when possible. 

Note: HKD and our dealers/distributors can provide templates of the required EUC, Law Letter, and FET Exemption letter as needed. The EUC is an export requirement from the German Government and must be very exact with the template.


Trade ins:

HK Defense does not handle trade ins.  Any HK related trade ins for State & Local Law Enforcement agencies must go through the HK direct dealers.  The HK Direct LE Dealers are located on the dealer locator page.


Armorer Training:

Heckler & Koch can offer certified armorer training for Law Enforcement/US Government.  These are typically one to two days modules per weapon system.  The classes are currently conducted in Ashburn, VA or with a minimum class number size can be hosted at your agency location.  Armorer registration, coordination, and more information can be found on the website armor tab https://training.hk-usa.com/ 



The German government requires the EUC to be printed on the end user’s letterhead (both pages).  Please complete the information requested on page 1 in reference to “End-User” (under Section A – Parties) by entering the end user’s address to where HKD will deliver these items.  Lastly, on page 2 it is required an original (ink) signature of the end user, the date, and the seal/stamp of the end user (if one exists).  An EUC template can be requested via email.  If you wish, we will gladly review the soft copy of the completed EUC before you mail the original to Heckler & Koch in Ashburn, Virginia.


Any order where an agency is the end-user and ordering, or any Weapon of War, Short barrel Rifle, NFA item, requires an End User Certificate (EUC), which will be filed with the German government for export approval.   The HK factory in Germany is not able to schedule firearms for production until they have received an approved EUC and the order.  Minimum delivery time is approximately 12 months.


A few other documents are required.  An order would require an official Letter of Intent, End User Certificate (EUC) and FET Exemption to accompany an official agency purchase order.  All documents must be ink-signed by the highest ranking official (usually the Chief) and all pages must be on agency letterhead.   Those need to be mailed in to HK, LE attention.  The templates can be provided via email. HK would be happy to review them for accuracy before you get them signed.  Generally, expected delivery time for NFA product is about 12 months due to processing and production constraints. Please contact customer service at (706) 701-5554 for questions regarding EUC forms.


HK Weapon Spare & Common Maintenance Parts 

Requests for parts are handled in the same process as quotes and orders for weapons. Please contact your HK LE Dealers/Distributors first. All HK certified armorers receive the corresponding manuals and parts lists for the specific weapon’s replacement/maintenance part numbers. HK-USA highly recommends ordering common spare parts or required maintenance related spare parts on any initial orders in order to have these on hand at the local armorer level. 

Spare parts requiring a receiver, frame, barrel, or complete bolt carrier groups may require an EUC with the order. 


Repair and Service of Weapons 

For repair or service on existing HK products (including MP5SD suppressors or any possible warranty related items) please contact Customer Service at (706) 701-5554. They can issue a Return Maintenance Authorization “RMA or RA” number that should be included on the return label of the product as well as the ship to address and possible estimates. 


Repair and Service of other products associated with weapons 

For repairs or service on non-HK products such as optics, iron sights, mounts, slings, night vision, suppressors, etc…. please contact the Original Equipment Manufacturer “OEM” or your HK Dealer/Distributor for information and procedures. 

For service on Brugger & Thomet “B&T” Suppressors please contact Sales@bt-arms.com in Tampa, FL.