Like all HK products, the SL8-1 is covered under a limited lifetime warranty. But the separation you describe is not a cause for concern according to HK engineers. It is cosmetic and will in no way affect the rifle’s functioning or its structural integrity.

The free carrier option featured on several FABARM semi-automatic models allows the shotgun to be unloaded safely without chambering a shell from the magazine. This feature also allows for the shotgun to be stored or handled safely with shells in the magazine but with the chamber remaining empty.
To load when chamber is closed:

Make sure the safety is on! *Point firearm down range
Push the free carrier latch to the rear of the gun until it clicks.
Pull the bolt to the rear until it locks into place in the open position.
Load a shell into chamber and depress the bolt release button.
Turn the gun over and load additional shells into magazine.
You are now handling a loaded firearm!
With the free carrier feature, an unfired shell may be unloaded from the chamber by pulling back on the bolt cocking handle and ejecting the shell. Shells present in the magazine will not be loaded into the chamber during this process.

To load through magazine with the bolt closed:

Make sure the safety is on!
Load shell(s) into magazine by pushing the free carrier latch down with the shell and sliding the round(s) into the magazine.
Push the free carrier latch towards the rear of the gun until it clicks.
Pull the bolt to the rear and release it (depressing the bolt release button is not necessary).
At this point, additional shells may be inserted into the magazine
You are now handling a loaded firearm!
To completely unload the firearm:

Empty shell (if present) from the chamber
Visually inspect the magazine for additional rounds.
Depress the free carrier latch toward the rear of the gun to release shells from the magazine.
Cycle rounds out of gun by pulling the bolt to the rear of the gun
The gun is completely unloaded when the bolt locks back and the orange magazine follower is visible from the bottom of the gun.

There are many holster manufacturers that carry holsters that fit HK pistols. Click here for a contact list.

HK does not offer any type of custom gunsmithing or re-finishing services.

Use only commercially manufactured ammunition with internal ballistic pressures which are in strict accordance with the specifications of the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI). Be certain all ammunition you use complies with the SAAMI specifications. If you are uncertain, contact your ammunition supplier for verification. If you would like any further information on specific ammunition, you may contact one of the major ammunition manufacturers.

For security reason all packages being returned to Heckler & Koch must have an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number. If there is no RMA# on the outside of the box, the package will be returned.


The repair and returns shipping address and contact telephone number and email appears below along with instructions.
Heckler & Koch
Attn: Repair Department (Assigned RMA#_____________)
5675 Transport Boulevard
Columbus, GA 31907
Tel: 706-701-5554

If your Heckler & Koch firearm requires service, it should be returned to Heckler & Koch in a secure container. It is not necessary to take the gun to a dealer for shipment. However, before shipping your firearm, call or e-mail our Customer Service Department for return authorization and specific shipping instructions. The RETURN MERCHANDISE AUTHORIZATION number MUST be on the outside of the container that you ship the firearm.

Before shipping your gun, ensure that the firearm is unloaded and packaged securely. Do NOT ship any ammunition. The package must NOT bear any markings which indicate the identity of the contents. Enclose a letter which includes your full name, address (no P.O. Boxes, please), daytime telephone number, e-mail address, the serial number of the firearm, return authorization number and details of the problem experienced (stating the brand and type of ammunition used when the problem occurred) or work desired. Record the return authorization before shipping, in case you wish to check on the repair status of your firearm.

Shipping: When shipping a firearm, it is most important that you comply with federal, state, and local laws and regulations. The following guidelines are meant to help, but you must seek assistance from the appropriate authorities if necessary.

Check magazines and chambers to ensure that they are unloaded. Do not ship ammunition. Do not attempt to ship a handgun via US Postal Service; only federally licensed dealers may ship a firearm by US Postal Service.

When returning a pistol, please include at least one empty magazine. Since we cannot assume responsibility for custom parts and accessories, such as stocks, special sights, or holsters, please remove these items before returning your firearm.

In the case of repairs or work not covered by the warranty, You will be contacted and given a quote covering the cost of the work and a approximate cost of shipping back to you.

Columbus, GA is the only repair facility in the U.S. Please contact Customer Service at (706) 701-5554 before sending a product back for repair.

No, all HK facilities are closed to the public due to government regulations.

Heckler & Koch no longer imports Benelli or FABARM shotguns. Questions about FABARM warranty coverage for shotguns that are marked with the HK import logo should be directed to:

700 Lake Street
Cambridge, MD 21613
Tel: 410-901-1260

For questions and enquiries about Benelli shotguns,
please contact Benelli USA at Tel: 301-283-6981.

High capacity magazines are the only additional product available. The importation of HK firearms did not change.

Visit the HK Web Shop or contact your local dealer or a national parts dealer. Click here to find a dealer near you.

Caliber conversions are not authorized by HK.

Caliber conversions are not authorized by HK.

HK does not sell frames as accessories.

You can order HK firearms with night sights from you HK authorized dealer. Contact HK customer service at (706) 701-5554, Provide your serial number and detailed contact information for a return authorization number.

HK is prohibited from transferring these products to civilians.

No, but HK offer lasers that fit HK handguns at

Yes, but with some limitations. Due to a lack of availability of spare parts, the Heckler & Koch USA Repair staff will no longer be able to work on the following discontinued products:

VP70, HK4, P7K3, P7 Series pistols, P9S (9mm and 45ACP), SR9/T/TC, HK41, HK91/93 (Not fully supported), HK630/770, HK940, HK270, HK300, HK911, SLB2000, SL6, SL7, USP Match (weight only), all Benelli products, all Fabarm products, and all H&R products.

Spare parts for some HK legacy products are available from HK Part Distributors and other sources. Contact HK Customer Service for more information.

All new HK firearms sold in the USA are covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty for the original owner. Law Enforcement products are covered by a One Year Limited Warranty. For specific warranty questions, please contact Customer Service (706) 701-5554.

See Warranty/Service page. Click here.

The date code is located on the Left hand side of the pistol and is represented by two letters. Below is the date coding chart. The letter will correspond with the number.
A – 0
B – 1
C – 2
D – 3
E – 4
F – 5
G – 6
H – 7
I – 8
K – 9

Easily viewable and downloadable digital operator’s manuals are available at this site, both here in the FAQs and at the product section. Click on USP Series (covering USP, USP Compact, and USP Specialized Models), P7 (covering P7M8, P7M13, P7M10, and P7 PSP),   P Series (covering P2000, P2000SK, P30, P30L, P30S), HK45/HK45 Compact (covering all HK45 and HK45 Compact), Mark 23, VP9MR556A1, MR762A1, and MR762A1 Long Rifle Package to download PDF copies of operator’s manuals. Printed manuals are also available from HK by emailing or contacting Heckler & Koch at the address listed below.

PLEASE NOTE: Printed manuals for many older HK models, like the P7 series pistols, are no longer available. PDF copies or printed manuals of military and law enforcement products are not available to the general public. Customer Service: (706) 701-5554,

There are a lot of look-alike or clone products being sold today that are not produced by HK. Here are some important markings to look for:
German export law requires that “Made in West Germany” or “Made in W. Germany” or “Made in Germany” appear on the firearm. This usually appears on the magazine as well and reads:

Made in W. Germany
HK Inc.
Trussville, AL or Columbus, GA
Older models may say Sterling, Chantilly or Arlington, VA or indicate SACO as the importer. Any other product not marked as above is not an official HK product and is not covered by HKI’s warranty.

The English pronunciation is pronounced, “coke.”