Smaller in length and height than the standard HK45, the HK45 Compact (HK45C) uses a slim-line grip profile, otherwise is nearly identical in features to the full-size HK45. Like the HK45, the HK45 Compact was developed as a possible candidate for the Joint Combat Pistol (JCP) and Combat Pistol (CP) programs administered by the U.S. military in their search for a new service handgun. These programs were suspended before completion and no pistols were selected. The HK45 Compact uses an HK proprietary O-ring barrel for precise barrel-to-slide lockup and optimal accuracy. HK45 barrels are made using the famous HK cold-hammer forging process for superior performance. Using HK’s unique internal mechanical recoil reduction system reduces the recoil forces imparted to the weapon and shooter by as much as 30%, improving shooter control during rapid firing and increasing component service life. Capable of firing standard .45 ACP ball through +P ammunition, the HK45 Compact has an 8-round magazine capacity but can also use 10-round magazines, including those designed for the full-size HK45. The HK45 combines the accuracy, modularity, reliability, and minimum 20,000 round service life of the renowned USP45 Compact with the improved ergonomics of the P2000 series pistols. HK45 Compacts can be also be fitted with threaded barrels for use with muzzle mounted sound suppressors. Each HK45 Compact comes standard with an extra backstrap for a custom fit for each shooter’s hand. Both the HK45 Compact and full-size HK45 use an improved USP-style control lever, a combination safety and decocking lever. The control lever is frame mounted and is quickly accessible; it has a positive stop and returns to the “fire” position after decocking. By using the modular approach to the internal components first pioneered by HK on the USP, the control lever function of the HK45 and HK45C can be switched from the left to the right side of the pistol to accommodate left-handed shooters (additional parts required). Left and right mounted control levers provide safety and/or decocking functions as required and can be fitted to the pistol simply by changing parts. For true ambidextrous use, a control lever can also be mounted on both sides of the pistol if required. Well-suited for personal defense use, the HK45C is available in, or can be converted to, a wide variety of variants that use different trigger firing modes, including double action/single action (DA/SA) and DAO (double action only). The DAO mode uses the unique Heckler & Koch LEM (Law Enforcement Modification) firing system, providing an enhanced double action trigger pull.

Key features and system characteristics:

  • Integral MIL-STD-1913 (Picatinny) rail molded into the polymer frame dust cover for mounting lights, laser aimers, and other accessories
  • ERGO (HK45 full-size) and slim-line (HK45 Compact) grip profiles with user replaceable grip panels to adjust the feel and grip circumference of the weapon to suit individual operator hand size and shooting preference
  • 8-round metal magazine is standard for the HK45C, common high-capacity (10 rounds) that fit both the HK45 and HK45C also available
  • Ambidextrous controls with dual slide releases and enlarged magazine release
  • Uses the proven modified Browning linkless recoil operating system
  • O-ring barrel for precise barrel-to-slide lockup and better accuracy
  • Polygonal rifling for longer barrel life and increased accuracy
  • Improved ergonomic control levers (safety and/or decocking)
  • Low profile drift adjustable 3-dot sights
  • Contoured and radiused slide with forward slide (grasping) grooves and anti-glare longitudinal ribs
  • Black polymer frame


ID NumberUPC CodesDescriptionMSRP
HK45C (Compact) Pistols, .45 ACP - supplied with one additional backstrap
81000018642230261341HK45 Compact (V1) DA/SA, safety/decocking lever on left, two 8rd magazines849
81000019642230261358HK45 Compact (V1) DA/SA, safety/decocking lever on left, three 8rd magazines and night sights949
81000020642230261372HK45 Compact (V7) LEM, two 8rd magazines849
81000021642230261389HK45 Compact (V7) LEM, three 8rd magazines and night sights949
HK45CT (Compact Tactical) Pistols, .45 ACP - supplied with threaded barrel, adjustable high profile sights and one additional backstrap
81000022642230261365HK45 Compact Tactical (V1) DA/SA, safety/decocking lever on left, two 10rd magazines1,029
81000024642230261396HK45 Compact Tactical (V7) LEM, two 10rd magazines1,029
HK45 Pistols, .45 ACP - supplied with one additional backstrap
81000026642230261273HK45 (V1) DA/SA, safety/decocking lever on left, two 10rd magazines849
81000027642230261280HK45 (V1) DA/SA, safety/decocking lever on left, three 10rd magazines and night sights949
81000028642230261327HK45 (V7) LEM , two 10rd magazines849
81000029642230261686HK45 (V7) LEM , three 10rd magazines and nights949
HK45T (Tactical) Pistols, .45 ACP - supplied with threaded barrel, adjustable high profile sights and one additional backstrap
81000030642230261310HK45 Tactical (V1) DA/SA, safety/decocking lever on left, two 10rd magazines1,029
81000032642230261334HK45 Tactical (V7) LEM , two 10rd magazines1,029
HK45 Spare Magazines
234269S642230244320USP45/HK45 Compact, 8rd magazine49
234268S642230244306USP45/HK45 Compact, 10rd magazine (Extends below the pistol frame)49
227710S642230244269HK45 10rd magazine49
HK45 Accessories
260204642230246485Universal LEM kit (Fits HK45, HK45T, HK45C, HK45CT, and all USP full size)139
241594642230244375HK45 Series ambidextrous safety lever kit59
226351642230253827HK45 Tactical threaded barrel, 5.11 inches, M16x1 LH339
226350642230252264HK45C Tactical threaded barrel, 4.57 inches, M16x1 LH259
708056R642230246409HK45/HK45C tritium night sights, green/green119
50970172642230255326HK45/HK45C/USP45/USP45C Tactical thread cap, M16x1 LH19



Technology badge

Cold Hammer Forged Polygonal Bore

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During the 1960s, Heckler & Koch perfected the famous polygonal profile barrel technology. Conventional lands-and-grooves rifling allow propellant gasses to escape around the front of the bullet as it is fired from the barrel muzzle. A polygonal bore profile effectively seals propellant gases behind the bullet—increasing bullet velocity. An added benefit of a polygonal barrel is its resistance to wear. A polygonal barrel will normally outlast a conventional “lands-and-grooves” barrel by thousands of rounds. Polygonal barrels were one of the many radical design elements used on the HK P7 series pistol and this same breakthrough technology is present on all current HK handguns.
Technology badge

Reinforced Polyamide (Polymer) Frame

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A radical new material used on the P9S pistol in the late 1960s, advanced polymers were soon used as major components and assemblies on a variety of HK products — including the receivers of MP5s in the 1960s. HK polymer molding technology led to the introduction of another synthetic framed HK handgun, the futuristic-looking VP70. Heckler & Koch pioneered the use of polymers more than fifteen years before competing firms. Today, HK remains a technology leader in the use of innovative and high-strength polyamides.


HK45 Compact Tan
HK45 Compact Flashlight
HK45 Compact Disassembled



CaliberOverall lengthOverall heightOverall width w/leverBarrel lengthSight radius
.45 ACP7.24 in.5.51 in.1.54 in.3.94 in.6 in.


CaliberWith magazineMagazine
.45 ACP28.48 oz0.20 lb

Other Specifications

CaliberMagazine capacitySights
.45 ACP8/10 RoundsFixed (Open square notch rear sight with contrast points)


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