Heckler & Koch-USA launched its shooting team in January 2011, marking HK’s entry into the competitive shooting sports organized by the USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association) and related sport shooting groups. The shooting team competes on several levels in national competitions and also acts as HK’s shooting sports ambassadors at live fire demonstrations, dealer events, trade shows, and outdoor exhibitions.

“We’re excited as this is our first major involvement in competitive shooting in the USA at this level,” said Mark Osborne, HK’s Director of Sales. “HK Germany has a European-based team but this is an opportunity for HK-USA and our American team to showcase what they can do.”
“One major advantage we have is that the HK guns our team members use don’t require much in the way of modification or tuning. Our team will be using their P30L pistols pretty much right out of the box.”
The team will be shooting standard production-grade HK P30L models as their primary competitive pistols.