HK Sales Rewards Program – Dealers / Chain Stores


• Program applies only to employees of HK’s authorized dealers and chain stores.

• Sales must be in-person at retail. Online-only orders shipped to another dealer/location do not apply. Online orders that are picked up from the same store ordered from are eligible. Sales must be June 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023.

• Lay-a-way’s / payment plans or similar count so long as the sale is initiated and the firearm is transferred within the eligibility period.

• Sales must be attributable to a single employee. “Pooling” of points or “sharing” of the rewards is prohibited.

Earning Points:

• Select centerfire HK firearms sold are eligible for points based on the table below:

Product Points Earned
HK Handguns 1
USC & SL8s 1

Redeeming Points:

Participants may select a redemption per the reward tier below. Eligible recipients may earn each tier only once during the promotional period.

Reward Points Earned
$50 HK Webshop Gift Card 3
$100 HK Webshop Gift Card 5
VP9 (81000283 or 81000284) 10
Any VP9/SK OR, P30, P2000, or HK45 Pistol 15
Any 416 / MP5 Rimfire Rifle 15
Any VP9 L/Match, P2000 LE, or Standard USP Full-Size or Smaller 20
Any USP LE or USP Specialty Pistol 25
Any USC or SL8 30
MR556 or MK23 50
SP5 or SP5K-PDW 60
MR762 75
MR762 LRP 100

Restrictions / Redemption:

• Employees may initiate a redemption at any point during the promotional period.

• Multiple rewards may be redeemed at one time.

• Final submission for the redemptions must be completed by December 31, 2023.

• Fulfillment will be as inventory is available.

• HK reserves the right to increase the value of points above what is listed as part of promotions, sales, or specials.

• Employee must provide a copy of the receipts or computer-generated report showing sales attributed to the employee.

• Receipts and or reports must include the model and serial number of each HK firearm sold.

• HK reserves the right to discontinue the program at any time. Earned points must be redeemed within 30 days of program termination.

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