A truly modern submachine gun, the UMP is made using the latest in advanced polymers and high-tech materials. Available in three calibers (.45 ACP, .40 S&W, and by special order 9 mm), the UMP is a cost-effective, state-of-the-art weapon that offers the advantages of a simple operating system, lightweight, low cost, uncompromising reliability, modularity, and the capability to powerful cartridges like .45 ACP and 40 S&W).

Like all HK submachine guns, UMPs fires from the closed bolt position for accuracy and safe handling. Available in a variety of select-fire submachine gun configurations or as a semi-automatic only carbine, the HK UMP (Universal Machine Pistol) was designed with American law enforcement and military units in mind, as it includes a bolt catch feature to hold the bolt rearward when last round is fired.

The UMP can also be converted from between its three calibers (.45 ACP, .40 S&W, and 9 mm) simply by exchanging barrel, bolt, and magazine assemblies.

Principal configurations of the UMP45 (.45 ACP) available from HK-USA include (all supplied with one 25-round magazine, sling & sight adjustment wrench):

701468-A5 UMP45 (SF) Submachine Gun, .45 ACP with Single Fire trigger group

701464-A5 UMP45 (NT) Submachine Gun, .45 ACP with Navy trigger group

701467-A5 UMP45 (012) Submachine Gun, .45 ACP with 012 trigger group

701466-A5 UMP45 (2RB) Submachine Gun, .45 ACP with 2-round burst trigger group





CaliberLengthWidthHeightBarrel LengthOverall Length
.45 ACP17.91 in.2.72 in.12.87 in.7.87 in.17.71-27.16 in.


CaliberWeapon (w/o magazine)Magazine (empty)
.45 ACP5.06 lb0.37 lb


CaliberOperating PrincipleMagazine CapacityModes of FireRate of FireSightsButtstock
.45 ACPblowback25single, full-auto, 2-rd. burst, 3-rd. burst600mechfolding