The Heckler & Koch MP5 is arguably the most imitated pistol-caliber carbine in the world. But even a pretty good copy is still just a copy. The truth is, you can only get a real HK from HK.

And now there is finally an authentic sporting version of the MP5 in the US, and it’s a real HK. The New SP5 will make all those generic MP5 copies out there look like nothing more than gun store consolation prizes.

The SP5 was developed by Heckler & Koch as a semiautomatic, civilian sporting pistol that matches the look and feel of the legendary MP5 submachine gun.

Designed and manufactured to meet the definition of a civilian pistol, the SP5 is loaded with authentic features, like a Navy barrel with threaded tri-lug adaptor, paddle magazine release, and fluted chamber.

The backbone of the SP5 is the roller-delayed blowback operating system, which is legendary for its accuracy, reliability, and smooth shooting dynamic. Originally perfected on the Heckler & Koch G3 rifle, it has been used on several other HK firearms still serving today around the world.

The SP5 is manufactured in Heckler & Koch’s Oberndorf factory in southwest Germany. It retains many of the critical elements of the MP5, including its precision-machined components and attention to detail. This high level of quality and workmanship is a result of making the SP5 in the same factory, on the same lines, and by the same workforce that has been making MP5s for years.

For more comfortable shooting, the SP5 is equipped with an elastic “bungee” sling. The sling is easily installed by snapping it onto the sling swivel hardware located on the rear of the receiver. Using the sling makes firing the SP5 more stable and reduces fatigue.

A wide variety of accessories can be added to increase its functionality. As the world’s most popular pistol-caliber carbine platform, the SP5 is supported by an aftermarket loaded with lots of great accessories, from rails and handguards all the way up to everything you need to make your own legally-registered short-barreled rifle*.

ID NumberUPC CodesDescriptionMSRP
SP5 Pistol, 9mm - supplied with sling and sight tool
81000477642230259829SP5, 9mm, two 30rd magazines2,949
81000478642230259812SP5, 9mm, two 10rd magazines2,949
SP5 / SP5K Magazines
206349S642230254336SP5/SP5K, 9mm 30rd magazine80
215610S642230251809SP5/SP5K, 9mm 15rd magazine80
239257S642230255210SP5/SP5K, 9mm 10rd magazine80
SP5 / SP5K Accessories
261249642230255807SP5K folding buttstock469
205586642230150805SP5 fixed buttstock179
227901642230253728SP5 three position retractable buttstock529
50226207642230254213SP5/SP5K picatinny rail369

*ALL NFA RULES APPLY. WARNING: 1. The addition of the HK stock to a HK type pistol with a barrel shorter than 16 inches in length results in the manufacturing of a short-barreled rifle (SBR) which falls within the classification of firearms subject to NFA controls [26 U.S. Code §5845(a)(3)]. Even if the pistol is not assembled into the butt stock, possession of the pistol and the butt stock would constitute a short barrel rifle (SBR) which may not be lawfully possessed unless it is registered to the possessor in the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record in advance. 2. The Addition of the HK stock to a HK type pistol with a barrel of 16 inches in length or longer results in the manufacturing of a lawful sporting rifle. Prior to converting the pistol into a rifle, ensure you follow the guidance in 18 U.S. Code § 922 (r) and 27 CFR 478.39. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that all laws and regulations are followed.


4 position rotary rear sight. The same sighting system is used on the select fire MP5K.
The SP5 uses the delayed roller locked blowback operating system.
The SP5 uses the same paddle magazine as the MP5.
The SP5 comes in a soft case with a custom fit for the pistol, sight tool, extra magazine and sling.



CaliberLengthHeightBarrel Length
9mm17.8 in.8.66 in.8.86 in.


CaliberWeight (without magazine)Magazine Weight Empty
9mm5.1 lb30 rd - 6.3 oz/10 rd - 3.5 oz

Other Specifications

CaliberMagazine CapacityTrigger PullTrigger TravelReturn TravelBarrel Profile/Twist
9mm30/15/106.74-10.11 pounds-force / 30-45 N.24 in..12 in.Groove/land profile, 6 grooves, right-hand twist


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