Originally developed as the HK MG43, this 5.56mm light machine gun was recently selected for fielding by the German military as the “MG4”. The experience gained in the course of several stringent national and international weapons trials was incorporated into the design of the MG4. During a recent desert test in the U.S., a single MG4 prototype successfully fired a total of 104,000 rounds using only a single barrel.

Its light weight and compact dimensions make the MG4 a “one man weapon” capable of playing a critical role in support of both offensive and defensive military tactical operations. The MG4 may be fired from any position, even from the hip. The MG4 uses a proven gas-operated system combined with rotating bolt head and it fires from the open bolt position is extremely reliable and accurate.

Among the many features of the MG4 is an ambidextrous safety/selector lever with safe and full automatic fire positions, folding bipod, and a folding buttstock for compactness. It has A quick change barrel that can safely be changed when hot. Empty shell casings eject downward.

The newest in the HK belt-fed machine gun line, the MG4 incorporates the latest in gas-operated reliability, in a superior design for maximum life, robust service, and unparalled simplicity.


Features & System Characteristics:

  • Gas-operated with rotating bolt head, firing from the open bolt position
  • A special safety mechanism prevents the bolt from traveling forward should it not have reached the rear final engagement position (insufficient functioning) or when the pistol grip has been removed.
  • Cartridge feed via belt (cartridges are loaded in 5.56 mm M27 disintegrating belt links)
  • Belt intake from the left, with loaded condition indicator
  • Cartridge case ejection below the weapon
  • “Quick change” barrel capability allows barrel to be safely changed even when hot, the barrel assembly incorporates a folding carrying handle
  • The bolt can be locked in any position by folding the cocking lever upwards
  • Bipod folds into the handguard
  • Mechanical sight, aperture or open notch sight. Sight graduations from 100 to 1000 m (in 10 graduations), folding front sight
  • Picatinny rail MIL STD 1913 for support of optical sights



CaliberLengthWidthHeightBarrel LengthSight Radius
5.56 mm x 4529.53 – 37.40 in 3.78 in8.97 in18.97 in19.29 in
5.56 mm x 4532.68 – 40.55 in3.78 in8.97 in17.72 in23.70 in


CaliberWeight (with empty magazine)
5.56 mm x 4517.96 lb
5.56 mm x 4517.42 lb


CaliberCycle Rate of FireMagazine CapacityModes of FireSightsStocks
5.56 mm x 45775 rpm (±) 50beltfull automaticdiopter folding
5.56 mm x 45775 rpm (±) 50beltfull automaticdiopter folding