Improved HK416 variants:

The HK416A5 models (from 2016) are improved variants of the HK416 via HK’s continual product improvement process.  Some customers still prefer the original HK416 style systems while others opt for the A5 version. The HK416A5 common barrel lengths are 11 and 14.5 inches.

As an advanced, product improved variant of the internationally acclaimed HK416 weapon system, the “A5” has been internal improved with the following:


Main improvements on the HK416A5: 

  • The barrel extension and lock up onto the upper receiver is also improved compared to older models. For this reason, the older HK416 barrels/gas blocks/upper receivers cannot be mixed with the A5 versions.
  • The HK416A5 has a two-stage adjustable gas block.
  • The handguard has a continuous Picatinny slots on the top rail from upper receiver to handguard compared to a 2-slot gap on older models.
  • The A5 has all ambidextrous controls. The magazine release can be converted back with the use of the A1/2/3 style magazine release.
  • The charging handle is ambidextrous. Older style and aftermarket charging handles can still be used.
  • The trigger can be placed on safe no matter the condition of the weapon or bolt carrier due to a split sear improvement. (note that all the trigger components are not compatible with the standard HK416).
  • The trigger and hammer axles are further improved with the use of a C-clip as well as the interior springs. (note that the trigger /hammer pins are not compatible with the standard HK416).
  • The castle nut has been extended for improved drop reliability and the weapon comes standard with a slim line, snag free stock.
  • The magazine well is of the M4 style angle to accept a wider variety of aftermarket magazines.



HK416-A5 Gas System