Utilitarian engineering, ultra-reliable function, and enhanced accuracy characterize all models of the HK 40 mm grenade launcher family. Combat-proven designs, Heckler & Koch grenade launchers use simple break-open actions and rifled barrels. These lightweight launchers fire a variety of low velocity ammunition, including CS, HE, AP, less lethal, and flares to ranges of 400 meters with a degree of accuracy not available from competing designs. More that 30,000 Heckler & Koch grenade launchers have been in service since 2000 with the military forces of Britain, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, and Portugal.



CaliberWidthHeightSight RadiusBarrel LengthOverall Length
40 mm x 463.39-4.06 in6.14-11.06 in8.19 in9.02 in12.99–22.60 in


CaliberWeight without magazine
40 mm x 463.75 lb


CaliberModes of FireSights
40 mm x 46ML