Statement from Heckler & Koch “H&K“ on financial performance

In response to recent media reports in Germany, commenting on HK’s ability to meet it‘s interest and other financial obligations, the company is pleased to make the following statement:

The liquidity status and financial performance of H&K is not only stable, but improving. In addition to it‘s own substantial cash reserves, H&K has available to it an undrawn line of credit of 30 million Euro, which will remain available through 2017. Additionally, the order book shows a promising trend in new orders resulting from submitted proposals and new products.

H&K‘s operations remain unchanged, with neither a reduction of staff, nor a reduction of capacity utilization.

H&K is looking forward to continued improvements in operational and financial performance in 2015 and to continuing to design and manufacture the world’s best small arms for the defense and security agencies of NATO and its allies.