HK USA, B&T USA Join Forces to Release HK Suppressors

HK USA and B&T USA formally launched the Heckler & Koch line of sound suppressors for the American commercial market at the firearms industry’s larger trade show (the SHOT Show) in Las Vegas this week.

The same battle-proven line of suppressors previously available only to law enforcement and military users will now be available for HK civilian customers.

“B&T suppressors are used by the most elite military and law enforcement units in the world,” said Bill Dermody, HK’s marketing director. “They have a long association with Heckler & Koch firearms and are viewed by many international users as the official HK sound suppressor. Now Americans will be able to buy them — and not just those elite users — regular civilians shooters can buy them.too ”

Initially, models of HK/B&T suppressors will be available especially matched to the striker fired VP9 (9 mm) handgun. These B&T VP models suppressors will fit other 9 mm HK handguns as well. Mounting will be via the standard thread pitch found on 9 mm HK threaded barrels.

Subsequent suppressor models — seven different models have been announced — will fit a variety of HK guns including the MP5, MP5SD, UMP45, and related arms. Mounting options will include direct thread, 3-lug, and quick detachable locking gate.

Based in Switzerland B&T (formerly Brügger and Thomet) has been designing and making advanced sound suppressors since 1991. In 2014, they expanded operations to the USA, setting up shop in Tampa, Florida.

These HK/B&T suppressors are Swiss-engineered but will be made in the USA by B&T USA. All materials are imported from Switzerland to ensure precise Swiss-made quality. B&T suppressors provide a level of noise reduction unmatched among major manufacturers as well as long-term durability and easy maintenance and cleaning.

“These first HK/B&T suppressors have been extensively tested with HK handguns and are the closest you can find to a preferred Heckler & Koch silencer,” said B&T USA sales director Jon Scott. “And perhaps most importantly, use of an HK/B&T suppressor with a Heckler & Koch handgun will not void the HK lifetime warranty.”

For additional information on the release of the Heckler & Koch suppressor line contact B&T USA Sales at 813-653-1200. Or email