Like its 5.56 mm counterpart, the MR762A1 is a direct descendent of the HK416/417 series, only in a semi-automatic rifle configuration developed for civilian users. It is assembled in the USA using US and German-made components and uses many of the same parts and assemblies developed for the legendary HK416 and 417. 

The MR762A1 uses a proprietary HK short-stroke gas piston in place of the direct-gas-impingement system found on lesser AR15-style rifles that propels exhaust gas into the upper receiver to operate the action. In the “closed” HK piston system, exhaust gasses never enter the receiver, which means the HK runs cooler, cleaner and more reliably. And when adverse conditions, like dust, sand and mud are introduced, the advantage of the HK system becomes even more drastic. That is why so many of the world’s elite military and law-enforcement customers have absolute trust in their HKs. 

The MR762A1 has a cold hammer forged barrel made from the highest quality cannon-grade steel, producing a barrel that ensures superior accuracy, even after firing thousands of rounds. And while the material and cold hammer forging process themselves greatly enhance durability, HK’s processes include many additional steps not taken by other manufacturers to produce superior accuracy and service life, ensuring performance well beyond “mil-spec.”


ID NumberUPC CodesDescriptionMSRP
MR762 Rifle, .762mm, Optics Ready - supplied with one magazine, M-LOK handguard, and medium contour barrel
81000586642230262584MR762, 7.62mm, Optics ready, 16.5" medium contour barrel, one 20rd magazine4,129
81000587642230262591MR762, 7.62mm, Optics ready, 16.5" medium contour barrel, one 10rd magazine4,129
MR762 LRP (Long Rifle Package III) Rifle, 7.62mm - supplied with two magazines, M-LOK handguard, and fully assembled in hard case
81000498642230261655MR762, 7.62mm, Long Rifle Package III, Vortex Viper PSTII three 15x44 FFP MRAD, LaRue/Harris bipod, adj. G28 buttstock, Blue Force Gear sling and mount, one 20rd and one 10rd magazine7,249
81000499642230261648MR762, 7.62mm, Long Rifle Package III, Vortex Viper PSTII three 15x44 FFP MRAD, LaRue/Harris bipod, adj. G28 buttstock, Blue Force Gear sling and mount, two 10rd magazines7,249
MR762 Spare Magazines and Accessories
234708S642230247321MR762 7.62mm 20rd magazine59
234690S642230247314MR762 7.62mm 10rd magazine59
235870642230249837MR762 14.7" quad rail handguard399
51000224642230262164MR762 14.7" M-LOK handguard, black319
51000225642230262676MR762 14.7" M-LOK handguard, FDE339


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Highest Quality Steel

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We use the same grade steel used in making cannon barrels — for its rifle barrels. Using the famous HK cold hammer forging process, this advanced technology manufacturing produces a barrel that provides superior accuracy and long service life. It is also moderately “swagged” with a slightly smaller internal diameter at the muzzle end than the chamber end. This has a positive effect on bullet accuracy and velocity and the thick, heavy contour MR series barrels also contributes to its precision.




CaliberStock Extended LengthStock Retracted LengthWidthHeightBarrel Length
7.62 x 51 mm39.10 in.35.94 in.3.23 in.8.39 in.16.50 in.


CaliberRifle (with empty 20 round magazine)Magazine (empty 20 round magazine)
7.62 x 51 mm9.84 lb..34 lb

Other Specifications

CaliberMagazine capacityTrigger PullBarrel ProfileSight RadiusSightsStock
7.62 x 51 mm10 or 20 rounds4.5–5.6 lbf /20–25 N (two stage trigger)4 lands & grooves, right-hand twist, 1 in 12 in.16.14 in.Optics readyadjustable 5 positions


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